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Arizona Cactus Sales is closed Sundays and Holidays

We will be closed the Saturday after Christmas Day and after New Year’s Day.  Reopen the following Monday.

Rainy days, call in advance as Nursery closes when flooded.  480-963-1061

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Arizona Cactus Sales History

This nursery opened Easter weekend of 1968 in Phoenix on 27th Avenue north of Camelback Road. It soon became known as the best source of native plants in the state under the leadership of Scotty Farmer. Almost immediately, he began adding propagated plants of many species with a continual emphasis on careful handling and the best value to the customer.

In May of 1977 the retail portion of Arizona Cactus Sales was sold to Jim and Electra Elliott. The new owners maintained the high standards and expanded the selection of plants and services offered. Within a few years they became a primary supplier of plants to botanical gardens nationwide as well as local sales. Their reputation for honest dealing and premium quality plants continues to attract these institutions which need careful documentation of their purchases.

The current location opened in 1983 with two acres combining retail and wholesale operations. In 1995 an additional three acres of growing grounds were added. This additional space is being used to grow more specimen plants and enrich the selections we can offer our customers. You will have an opportunity to acquire many of these rarely offered species in seldom offered sizes through this web site.  If we list a small plant at all, it will be because that is its’ mature size. The inherent longevity of our plants and the variety of their shapes, textures, and colors will allow you to decorate your living quarters or give a truly unique gift at very affordable prices. When the cost per year is computed, how does a $30 plant that lives several years compare with a dozen roses for the same $30. How long will the roses last? Two days, three? This is the difference between price and cost.

We will continually offer a selection of desirable plants.  The one constant we pledge to follow is to provide the biggest, healthiest plants we can at a reasonable cost. We do not guarantee our plants but will provide care instructions with each shipment. We have no desire to run a question-and-answer service so unsolicited questions may go unanswered. We will provide tips and seasonal care suggestions of a general nature on the web site.

Sincerely, the staff of Arizona Cactus Sales.

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