Agave Snout Nosed Beetle

Scyphophorus acupunctatus has a lot of common names. We know it as Agave snout-nosed Beetle it also goes by:

– Billbug and Grug Agave Billbug
– Agave weevil
– And that ugly grub!

They are the reason why one day your Agave looks beautiful and fine and the next day it’s collapsed. But by the time we see the evidence it’s too late. The beetle drills a hole in the heart of your agave then lays eggs. Once the eggs hatch the new grubs start to eat the heart of the plant. As they eat and grow their detritus causes bacteria and rot which kill your agave.

In order to protect our agaves we must do some proventive maintenance. Twice a year during spring and summer sprinkle “Grub Killer” granules in and around the base of all of your agaves. We use 1 shot glass full for medium and 2 shot glasses for large agaves. Now everytime you water or it rains; a little insecticide will seep down and protect your plants.

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