Tips for damaging winds

Those damaging winds. We get alot of phone calls on plants that have fallen down in one of our Monsoon storms. Here are some tips to help recover from the damage left in the wake of these violent storms:

If you lose a tree be sure to cover any cactus it was shading prior to the storm. This will prevent sunburn.

If you have a large saguaro (6ft and larger) fall down more than likely it’s gone for good. Usually the weight of the plant crushes it’s own skeleton, and bruises the flesh. The plant will probably rot and die. Additionally, the larger plants are extremely heavy and fairly impossible to pick up off the ground. They usually will crack and break when attempting to lift them.

If the injury is to a saguaro, like a hole punctured in it or an arm falls off, just clean up the hole with a sharp knife and let it heal.

Regarding other cacti, if you lose part of a plant, make a clean cut and watch for sunburn on the parts it was shading.

Most cacti will survive but take a few years to be what they used to be. On all down plants, be sure to cover the plant and all that it was shading so they won’t sunburn.

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