Purchasing and Shipping

FREIGHT. The plants we advertise are usually too heavy to ship economically via air freight. We have found UPS to be most satisfactory. Our pricing is designed to simplify ordering, including shipping cost. A $12.00 UPS pick-up fee is added to all orders.
Our packing will allow your selections to arrive in good shape. Care and maintenance instructions are included for all plants you order. All plants are shipped bare root. Roots will be trimmed and should be sufficiently healed to allow immediate replanting. If you notice any damage in shipping, please do not plant that item immediately. Let it dry and heal first.

MINIMUMS. We require a minimum order of $25 to ship. You can combine all categories to reach the minimum such as plants, books, plants, labels, plants, etc. If you still can’t reach the minimum, you just aren’t trying hard enough. Find a friend and combine your orders–one address please. If an order does not satisfy the required minimum of $25, the order will default to $25.

ADDRESS. UPS requires a physical location, they can not deliver to a post office box. If you do not have a street address as such, give directions from the nearest city or town. Please also give us a daytime phone number, in case we have any questions about your order.

WEATHER. Cactus and succulents contain large percentages of liquids that freeze. Most larger plants can take short exposure to a few degrees of frost, but they can not withstand prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures. If you live in areas that regularly dip below freezing, you may wish to delay shipping until spring or summer. Certainly you do not want your beautiful living plant sitting on a dock somewhere turning into a popsicle. We normally do not advise shipping to northern locations from December through February. Outside of those months you should check the long range forecast for your location and advise us of your preferred shipping date. We will hold your plant if it is paid for up to 120 days. Unpaid plants are sold first come, first served. We will accept your judgement as to when to ship. You must accept the responsibility if you guess wrong.

PAYMENT METHODS. We accept Visa, MasterCard, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Plants can be shipped immediately (weather allowing) if paid by any of these methods. Personal checks will hold your plant selections, but shipment will be delayed two weeks to allow the checks to clear.

SALES TAX. If you are a resident of Arizona, add 7.8% to the total cost of your order. If you are ordering from out-of-state and your order will be shipped out-of-state, you are currently free of our state and local sales tax. Apparently the federal government is attempting to impose some form of sales tax on web and mail order transactions, so stay tuned. Remember, Uncle Sam wants you, and you, and …..

GIFT CERTIFICATES. We do sell gift certificates in any amount. For shipping, remember we have a $25 minimum. Go to the retail area just as with any other order. This should be an especially thoughtful gift as the recipient can shop on-line or come to the nursery.

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