Carnegiea gigantea (small)

Carnegiea gigantea (small)


The plant is widely distributed in the southern part of Arizona generally below the 3500 foot elevation. It’s range is limited by freezing temperatures which kill the seedlings. At the extremes of the saguaros range it is only found on south facing slopes for this reason. The 6″ size we offer is grown from seed in a controlled enviroment, and may take 4 to 6 years to reach this size. In it’s natural habitat the Saguaro can take 75 to 150 years to mature to an armed specimen. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for their arm placement. We believe arms enhance water storage capacity and multiply seed production since flowering occurs at the top and each arm of the plant. More water stored allows a greater endurance of drought. More seeds should equal more progeny. The Saguaro may bloom when it reaches 8 feet, but it is normally some what taller before blooms appear. Bloom season depends on a number of factors but can be generally stated as June. The flowers are white, almost wax looking and only open in the evening and close in early morning hours. The flowers are pollinated by bats and birds, primarily doves. Once pollinated the fruit forms at the base of the flower. As it ripens it turns red and is loaded with seeds. It is made into a ceremonial wine by some of the Indian tribes of southern Arizona.

You can see the comparison of the small, medium, and large sizes in the pictures.

Small: 6 inch pot size 4/24/21

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