Echinopsis hybrid ‘Antimatter’

Echinopsis hybrid 'Antimatter'


With a photo like this, any text is redundant and very superfluous; but then again so is most of the world so I will press on. This has an almost shimmering quality to the blooms and you can see just how large they are. Good reds are hard to find and spectacular ones like this are even rarer. Easter lilies will take a little frost but do not like intense sunlight here in the desert. In some milder climates it would be impossible to ovedo the lighting so you could keep it outside in the milder months with direct sun. This family likes to be fed so if you can add some Osmocote or other fertilizer with a high middle number, the blooms will just keep on coming. Don’t have access to many fertilizers, just use tomato fertizer as they florish with the same mix of nutrients.
Size: small 3 inch pot size Very limited 5/23/22

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