Echinopsis hybrid ‘Day Dream’

Echinopsis hybrid 'Day Dream'


Day Dream, maybe not? This plant came to me via Doyt Galloway who was an early collector of Schick hybrids; possibly before they were distributed via the Huntington Botanical Garden. I have checked several other photos on the web and almost all of the ones I can find show Day Dream as a much lighter yellow with pinkish fringes. Another of Doyt’s Easter Lilies is called ‘Oriole’ and I have a nagging suspicion that I have mixed up the tags in the several years that I have been growing them. If this is truly Day Dream, then it is the brightest and gaudiest version available anywhere. We will have ‘Oriole’ up within another season and then you can see for yourself which name is correct. We never have claimed to be absolutely correct, just persistent. In any case, this is an absolute gem of an Easter Lily with the spectacular combination of bright yellow set off with a very crisp orange circle. Another mid-season photo so the first flush of blooms was probably larger. 7-30-10
Size: 4 inch pot size. Very limited 5/1/20

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