Echinopsis hybrid ‘Gus’s Peach’

Echinopsis hybrid 'Gus's Peach'


I don’t have the original name of this wonderful hybrid. It far predates the Schick hybrids now available but more than holds its’ own in spectacular beauty. It was probably derived from the much older Paramount hybrids. It also cycles more frequently than most of its cousins, yielding four or more sets of flowers each season. I obtained it from Gus Hermann, Sr., when we purchased his collection. I should have known it would be spectacular as Gus didn’t grow no junk. Thankfully, we have several propagators for this marvelous Easter Lily and will try to put some up on the site each year. This is a mid-season flower (they get smaller with each cycle) so you can see just how big the first bloom would be. 7-30-10
Size: Small 3 inch pot size 8/23/20

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